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Mr. Fink has become a household name in Buffalo, NY. His style consists of elements ranging from both heavy hitting dubstep, and experimental trap music, to emotional future bass and house music. With more than 10 official releases in the past two years, Mr. Fink has begun to make his way into the bass music industry. His most well known release is his track “Brainiac” on Odio Records Untapped Vol 7. Mr. Finks up-coming 2020 releases will be on labels such as Deathstar Cult, Prime Audio, and Badkill Records. Mr. Fink attended Dubspot electronic music production and DJ school in New York City, where he received the tools and knowledge to pursue a career in music. He furthered his education in music business marketing through an online production school called Defyre Starter Program. This course helped him with building his “Brain” brand, and continues to help him make valuable connections in the music industry. In 2019 he made the transition into being a full time freelance musician.

Mr. Fink’s tracks have caught thousands of listeners’ attention internationally after placing in the NSD: Black Label Oddprophet – Migraine Remix Contest. As a side job Mr. Fink teaches private music lessons, showing producers how to use computer software to write music. He also works as an audio engineer where he does mixing and mastering for other artists. His project The FINK FAMILY has grown quickly and currently connects hundreds of producers, DJ’s, and other artists from around the world. 2020 is just the start of things for Mr. Fink!